The museum's expositions

The first museum exposition was created in the Mother's house 1978. Its representation of Shukshin's heritage as a writer and film director was not complete.

In 1979 the staff of State literary museum developed the concept of a new exposition. The same year this exposition was created. Vassily Makarovich's bedroom, kitchen and partially his mother's bedroom kept their original view; the material on Shukshin's early years and the beginning of his creative development were added. The exposition made helped to come to know the source of Shukshin's talent, to get into the artist's inner life. Knowing the village history, its people one can be sure about the source of Shukshin's creative power. It is his native land.

«Is it mine - my motherland, where I was born and grew up? It is. I say it with all my rightfulness for all my life I have been keeping my motherland in my soul, I love it, I live with it, it enables me to survive the sorrows». (V. Shukshin)

By the time the study of the writer's life and creativity and finding new materials resulted in exposition acquisition.

In 1986, the house having been restored, the museum staff created another exposition. Maria Sergeevna's bedroom was restored in order to expand the memorial part. The literary section was perfected, taking onto account the interests of the visitors. This exposition had existed till 1989. Later the museum was given the old Srostki school building which house the funds depository and service rooms, the creation of historical literary exposition having been started. The mother's house was given its original view of the beginning of the 70th of the last century. The main task was to shoe the inner life of a plain Russian woman, a worker, a mother, to show her wisdom, her understanding of art and her abilities. For these are the unordinary inclinations given by her to her son.

«These are the people of rare patience! I'm neither disposed to overestimate nor to underestimate the national virtues of a Russian man, but what I've seen makes me say: no one is able to endure what a Russian woman has endured». (V.Shukshin)